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ASE s.r.l.

Twenty years of industrial automation

ASE is one of the leading supplier of Automatic Identification and printing systems.

With its knowhow, ASE is able to develop full custom systems and to integrate multiple automatic machines to create reliable and flexible labelling systems.

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360 degree coverage

ASE deals with:

  • Surveys at the Customer’s premises to verify the labeling solution;
  • Construction of the ad hoc labeling system, both in terms of size, software interfacing and operation, based on specific requests and measurements made;
  • Installation and testing of the machinery;
    Technical assistance management;
  • Post-sales management, with a complete range of consumable products;

Pre-sales support

A precius experience and know-how to investigate customer’s need and to provide an efficient solution.

“We do not need to sell a system, we need to sell the optimum system for our customer’s specification”.

Post-sale support

Which support fits your problem?

  • Phone support: for easy problem of flow procedure
  • Email support: for Software issues or documentation;
  • On site: for any trobles with our machine
  • Maintenance subscription: to build a stronger partnership with our customer.

Technical suppoprt (SW & HW)

Our technical support is ready to operate with no waste time at our site or anywhere, both in Italy and abroad. Our key words are “efficient and quick”.

Maintanence subscription will guarantee a 48 hours support service


ASE trades several kinds of thermal transfer ribbons, that can vary for base components (Wax-Wax/Resin and Resin) and sizes (length/width) and ink for inkjet systems.

A well-provided warehouse is the base of out success.


Rewinding, printing on labels and tags, programming RFID tags.

ASE srl
Automazione Sistemi di Etichettatura

Via Brescia 193
25039 Travagliato (Bs)
Tel. +39 030 6865191
Fax +39 030 6865275