Two applications in one and two with a single purpose: to make the procedure for printing on devices MARKEM SmartDate and InkJet HSA simple and above all foolproof. The watchwords for the production of a print management system are as follows:                                                           


The software should be for everyone and should not create doubt or confusion here is’ cause the couple Printsystem-PrintClient and ‘so’ appreciated! 


Print-System is a dedicated application for the management of primary and secondary packaging prints in production lines.
For primary packaging means printing in the direct thermal transfer on the product packaging (TTO) for MARKEM SmartDate devices, while secondary cardboard packages are managed with HSA inkjet printing systems.
With PrintSystem is possible to define printing devices and the lines made up of groups of printing devices up to a maximum of 3 per line. It works by defining a descriptive table of the product (part of the table can be harvested from a corporate database with master data) that remains then shared for all clinet. For each product you can associate two layouts for TTO printer and a layout for inkjet printing, even with the preview image, which are completed by the variable data of the product at the time of printing.
During operation, however, PrintSystem becomes Print-Client. Here the operator has the task of choosing the production order coming from a management database table and put it into execution.
The whole setup defined in Print-System is inherited by Print-Client operators can select a few or no operating variable (lot or expiration, for example). The start printing is deliberately simple: just click on the name of the target device. The preview is purely figurative but it helps to understand that kind of stamp it at runtime.
A simple screen informs the operator of all the steps you’ve taken to perform the printing process and simultaneously the traffic light warns about the outcome of each operation. A more technical report, typically for the system administrator, is available containing the detailed exchange of PC-Device information.

AdvantagesSpeed ​​and simplicity
Commercial sectorIndustry, warehouse
Integration The integration of this product are subject to insights has to be made by the IT administrators